Laurentine Djatsa

DIRECTOR - International Language Consult (ILC)

Laurentine Djatsa is the Director of International Language Consult (ILC), and the founder of PSF (Prédicateurs Sans Frontières).

I help companies and individuals break language barriers through diverse services such as workshops, translation, and interpretation services. I recently hosted a workshop for the Cardano Catalyst School with a French-speaking audience of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I have also offered conference interpreting services for online meetings with organizations such as USIP, WADA, Kuffour Foundation, Build Up, and many more.

As a speaker, I also share new business opportunities with the French-speaking community through online and face-to-face engagements as an approach to breaking language barriers because I have realized that most innovations first exist in English, leaving the French community out for a while.