Antonia Apolinario-Wilcoxon, EdD

President - Equity Strategies, LLC

Antonia Maria Apolinário-Wilcoxon, Ed.D., Equity Strategies, LLC, principal consultant provides direction and leadership in efforts of private, public and collaborative efforts working to improve the lives of disenfranchised and vulnerable persons impacted by inequities.  Dr. Apolinário-Wilcoxon obtained her doctorate degree in education focusing on critical studies informed by Critical Pedagogy theorists.  An African-Brazilian, she brings experiences in education, corporate, private nonprofits and government to lead efforts that bring agency, voice and liberation in spaces where the presence of Oppression, bias and other barriers, silence those most valuable voices to find solutions to problems in their world.  

Dr. Apolinário-Wilcoxon’s approach is one of listening deeply, exercising inquiry to enable wisdom and insights to emerge.  Her facilitation is participatory, inclusive, resourceful, caring and thoughtful.  Trained in Respectful Conversations, Kaleidoscope Institute Faith-Based Facilitation, Technology of Participation (Institute of Cultural Affairs) and Art of Hosting/Art of Participatory Leadership, she blends these methodologies to more responsively attend to her audience’s needs and motivation.